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The Mars Science Laboratory mission has changed my life and the way I think about of the future space exploration, I remember that as I watched the launch of that huge rocket with the rover “Curiosity” my desire to explore the universe became stronger, also reading about the amazing capabilities of the Robonaut and talking to Mars 500 crewmember, my aspirations and dreams were no longer the same. Now I understood how important space exploration is for humankind. It was from that point on, that I began to focus every aspect of my life towards becoming an astronaut and one day ‘traveling’ to Mars.

Furthermore it is really important to me learn from every project and I would like to get more knowledge about the current situation of space program, and speak with scientists and engineers about their work and research, exchanging and collecting ideas, so I can know what to study and start to think about what my contribution is going to be for the space science.

The space exploration is giving to us new challenges and opportunities to discover the universe, to uncover mysteries and change our perspective about the universe and ourselves. This is just the beginning and I want to be part of this new space age.


“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known…”
Carl Sagan

Author: Joyce Penagos

Planetary Transferring Author: Joyce Penagos


Planetary Transferring” depics what I think will be the best way to explore Mars and another worlds…

This is my idea of how we will explore Mars to find water and take significant steps towards the Solar System exploration with a strategy that could take us beyond of our horizonts, establishing the future technology for human settlements on Mars:


In 2025 – 2030 a new International Cooperation Project will undertake the challenging mission to use Cyborg Astronauts (humans and robots joined -human mind & Robotic body-) to explore the Solar System. This mission will use simulation based in virtual worlds to train our future astronauts before to go to Mars and explote “in – situ” at the same time. In fact the Cyborg Astronauts will be teleoperated from the Earth through Interplanetary Internet (a new project to build a communicators relay between Mars and the Planet Earth). Likewise this mission will return samples from Mars and Europa for further exploration.


But how will this be possible? The Cyborg Astronaut will be the most technological advanced project ever sent to the Red Planet with the capability to fly, run and climb, with instruments like cameras, spectrometers, radiation detectors, rockets and the possibility to use other experiments to drill out surfaces and analyse samples. Consequently this Telepresence Control System will prepare astronauts to take desicions for Mars tripulated Missions.


In my artwork I draw some important places on Mars like Valles Marineris (mountains), Apollinaris Patera (craters), Gusev Crater (spheres os hematite) and Eberswalde Crater, as future landing sites for Cyborg Astronauts Crew


Material used:
Pencils- watercolors (Martian clouds)


NASA web site
MRO images



We will define the next steps for our civilization to take, for the beginning of a cosmic adventure
Discovering new ways to explore & conquest another planet
Our mind there, our body here… at the same time
Transferring out knowledge, emotions, and ideas planet to planet



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