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Hi… Ahlan wa- sahlan

Posted on: 20 August, 2010

Hola este es mi blog, donde encontrarán las novedades en Astronomía, especialmente en Astrobiología, Astonáutica y también la Preservación del Medio Ambiente… espero que lo disfruten y que sea de su gusto.




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Este es un ensayo acerca de mi opinión frente a la Astronomía y mi amor hacia esta hermosa ciencia:


“What I love best about astronomy.”


Astronomy has become in me an option of life, a way to dream, build and imagine a different world, also is my future and my compass to be happy so, try to be the best and share my knowledge with the world.

With astronomy was the beginning of an astonishing adventure in my life; indeed it has been the greatest adventure in my life. The first time when I saw the stars, was in a town… my mind can’t delete those beautiful sensations and feelings about Who I am, and the immensity of the universe thus, my interest has grown in overcome and keep with the legacy of our generations and take the world with ours hands to create a new age.

Since five years ago I’ve asked myself how is going to be my footprint in this world with the influence of “the mother of sciences” Astronomy, so I’ve found answers: Really funny answers!!! I was involved in several astronomy projects and discovered my love for this science, that’s because I can meet a lot of people to share my opinions, my questions and experiences about astronomy, besides to travel and meet amazing places so as to events and meetings; similarly I feel happy when in my lectures I talk about my favorite topics and the people want to listen to me, likewise sharing and showing to my friends and family who they can get involved with astronomy, teaching them the sky, the different constellations, mythology and the stars… or everything that I know.



Indeed I love look our planet earth, so I think about my position on the universe: It just can be expressed by Carl Sagan’s words: “That’s here, that’s home, that’s us, on it everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever lived, lived out their lives”.

Like one stargazing, I really wish learn and read every day about Astronomy, so I have a web site where I post every week: news, events, and articles about this sciences and others like Astrobiology or astronautics; this impetus has led me to explore and live a lot of adventures, like my participation in Latin-American Olympics of Astronomy and Space School in Houston. In others words: It makes me happy.

Consequently all these experiences, have helped me to decide to focus my life to be an astronaut, in my heart and in my mind this is my dream “Be the first woman to stay in mars”, as long as I aspire to be the best if I transcend to triumph over the negative, accordingly this, the success comes to those who never give up their dreams.

These are challenges and opportunities that I have to face, like an open window to my future, likewise I can guide my society to build a future where the greatest discoveries and inventions have been done by everyone who day to day expand our horizons with the eyes on the sky.




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2 Responses to "Hi… Ahlan wa- sahlan"

Hi Joyce!

I really enjoyed reading your writing.
I agree with Carl Sagan and you : That’s here, that’s home, that’s us…

So, you must continue hard working and doing your best.

Keep in touch…

Hi Joyce, I’m very much impresed with your blog. It’s great!!!. I love your passion for astronomy . It’s a powerfull motivator for me. Thank you very much. What does it mean “Hi…Ahlam wa-sahlan”?
Regards, Felipe

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